There is a lot of talk these days about “Global Warming”. But when Jesus spoke about the last days, His concern was not the planet getting warmer, but rather people’s hearts growing colder.

Speaking of the last days, Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 (NKJV),  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold”.

You don’t need to turn on the evening news to see that lawlessness is abounding, all you have to do is look out the window, or take a trip to the mall or to Walmart. It seems these days that even the laws of nature and of common sense have gone out the window.

But lawlessness among the lost shouldn’t be our greatest concern. It certainly wasn’t for Jesus. His concern was that because of the abounding lawlessness the love of many would grow cold.

As I listen to professing Christians discussing among themselves this group and that group and what they wish would happen to them, I fear that the final ice age has already begun.

The winter of this final age is upon us, the chilling winds of loveless apathy are already blowing through our poorly heated churches, where the fire of the Holy Spirit’s passion has all but gone out.

Staying warm in an exceedingly cold winter is hard work. It requires planning and preparation, which we must be about, NOW!

Our God is love. He is also a consuming fire, and if we want to stay warm through the final winter, we must draw near to Him, today.